Our Apostolate

Catholics United for the Faith is called an apostolate because membership is ordered to apostolic action. Members first seek personal holiness, so that, should it be God’s will, they are ready instruments for apostolic action.

As a lay apostolate, Catholics United for the Faith is provides a cooperative structure through which the laity can be effective in their vocation.

  • While an individual might have limited resources, the combined resources of thousands united in effort bring about a greater effect.
  • When an individual seeks to express himself, he remains but one voice, whereas combined with others in an apostolate, his voice is amplified.
  • In turn, the individual benefits from association, through resources and support, in living out his personal vocation.

Whether a person is consecrated, married, single, or ordained; members of an ecclesial movement, religious order, or secular; adherents of a particular piety, spirituality, or devotion; CUF advances the general call to holiness and vocation of the laity and supports each individual’s personal call, however that is manifested.