We must apply CUF’s mission to address specific, local challenges to faith and orthodoxy. Our chapter members and officers are committed to doing the work of the Church in allegiance to her venerable traditions and her holy teaching authority.

CUF members understand that they cannot proceed effectively without exemplifying in themselves the primacy of the spiritual-sacramental order of which the Church is the guardian. Our chapter members recognize that they can do much to determine whether a true renewal will occur in the Church or whether forces openly hostile to Catholic doctrine, under the guise of a false “renewal,” will win the day.

A great need of our day for Catholics is a renewed sense of the adventure of the Church as a guardian of doctrine. She is the champion of the fixed and eternal, and she will always instruct the proud world which finds her out of fashion and mocks her for her steadfastness.

– Adapted from A Personal Message to Future CUF Chapter Officers from CUF’s founding President, H. Lyman Stebbins

If you are interested in participating in an existing chapter, or better still, chartering a new chapter of Catholics United for the Faith, please contact us to request a Chapter Formation Manual. This brief document outlines why we are convinced CUF chapters are so needed for the renewal of the Church, the kind of apostolic work CUF chapters do, the spirit in which this work is carried out, and the concrete steps you would need to take to charter a chapter. Requesting a manual places you under no obligation to charter a chapter.