Member Resources

In addition to directing the international CUF apostolate the international office provides the following support and services to members and chapters in various countries:

  1. A quarterly Lay Witness newsletter to assist in the formation of the laity; to examine, in the light of the official teachings of the Church, important issues of concern to Catholics; to help direct and coordinate the efforts of members in carrying on their work.
  2. Information Services on the official doctrine and discipline of the Church and on the thought of Catholic theologians, scholars, and spiritual teachers; guidance when addressing the problems which arise in attempting to serve our Lord in His Church in the modern world; information on educational materials of sound Catholic formation.
  3. The Faith and Life Series for grades 1-8, written and edited by CUF international to help parents pass on the Catholic Faith intact to their children.
  4. Assistance in contacting Catholic speakers and in planning full-day conferences where invited speakers address important issues facing the Catholic Church.
  5. Lists of recommended catechisms and religious education materials; evaluations of many religious texts and series.
  6. Maintaining liaison with other Catholic groups working throughout the world, in order to help promote a more unified effort of all in support of the goals of the Holy Church.