Information Services:

We will answer any question about the Catholic Faith.  Anyone may call and ask any question regarding matters of the Catholic Church, Faith or teachings.  We have staff available to take questions from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, Monday- Friday.  We prefer to answer questions in writing.  This allows us to provide substantive references to magisterial and scriptural references.

Our FAITH FACTS support this service. Each FAITH FACT is a carefully researched article that offers a clear, concise and accurate discussion on topics relating to the Catholic Faith.  At the end of the FAITH FACT, we offer a partial list of other FAITH FACTS available.  If a person calls, and we have a FAITH FACT prepared on the question they ask, we will send it to them.  If  we have not prepared a FAITH FACT on that topic, we will research the issue and send a letter addressing their particular question.

If you have a question about the Catholic Faith, We invite you to call us.  Relying totally on donations, we offer the service free of charge.

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