What Can You Do?

Catholics United for the Faith is a lay association of the faithful whose members are its greatest resource. Here in our offices, we provide resources to help you be formed in the Catholic Faith and pursue apostolic activities in keeping with your Baptism. We are here for you, but you are here for Christ and His Church; to be the Salt of the Earth and convert the world from within. We want you to succeed.

You can help us help you by doing a few things.

First, pray for the success of CUF. If God does not build they house, they labor in vain who build it (Psalm 127:1). Pray that we, and all CUF members, conform our efforts to the Will of God.

Second, encourage engagement with us. I am happy to visit a Chapter, or even just a group of members who are not formed as a Chapter. I have given talks on a variety of topics, and I would be happy to come visit and encourage you in your Faith. Another means of engagement would be to call Information Services and use our FAITH FACTS in personal formation and apostolic outreach. Our materials make a great starting point to engage family, friends, or visitors on matters of the Faith. If you are not sure what we have, call and ask. We will gladly send a list of our FAITH FACTS.

Finally, I urge you to seek the Kingdom of God within you. Men of violence are taking the Kingdom of God by force (c.f. Mt. 11:12), one soul at a time. Don’t be a casualty. Join me in this Golden Anniversary of Catholics United for the Faith, as we gather the sheep into the fold of the One True Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

-Philip C. L. Gray (Lay Witness Vol.36, No. 1)